Message from Ben Paulides to our foreign friends and fellow inhabitants of Wassenaar.

Ben Paulides, Chairman Democratic Liberals Wassenaar
Ben Paulides, Chairman Democratic Liberals Wassenaar (DLW List 8)

An open letter from Ben Paulides to our foreign friends and fellow inhabitants of Wassenaar.

On March 19, 2014 you will have the opportunity to use your democratic right to cast your ballot in the local elections. Most of you may be aware of this, yet won’t feel the urge to do so. We understand, for two reasons.

The local parties are communicating in the Dutch language. The political mumbo jumbo is difficult as it is for us, let alone for non-native speakers. Secondly most of you probably assume that the local elections are of no interest to you. Here is where we at DLW disagree. Your vote is of tremendous value to you. Here are some highlights from our programme relevant to all of us and therefore also to you.

As you may know the municipal government derives a substantial part of its income from the local tax based on the value of real estate. This is the property tax or OZB. To close the budget the government wants to raise these taxes which is bad news for home owners. The same counts for rented space as the home owners will surely raise the rents. One way or another, someone has to bleed.

We oppose to these unbridled and uncontrolled tax rises. Instead DLW puts the emphasis on cost efficiency in combination with good control of finance. This way we can lower the municipal taxes whilst at the same time perform better. How is this done?


– Stop wasting the citizens’ money: frugal budgeting and then stick to the budgets;

– Better and more efficient administration, organized with less money;

– Limit the hire of external professionals and put a stop to redundancy schemes for local politicians;

– Wassenaar should stay independent and not form an administrative cooperation with Voorschoten. This prevents infinite waste of tax payers’ money. Wassenaar is not responsible for Voorschoten;

– Listen to the inhabitants, Dutch and foreign. Hold referenda in case essential decisions need to be taken.

– Support the clubs and associations, facilitate cooperation between clubs and volunteers;

– Construct more artificial grass sports fields. Young and old need to be able to play and perform sports outdoors year round;

– Improve traffic flow at the Rijksstraatweg resulting in lower cut-through traffic;

– Impose special routes for trucks;

– Increase security by redirecting the focus of the police;

– Increase safety and security. More crime fighting. Intelligent camera surveillance;

– Better care for the public domain and improve the preservation of green;

– Maintain care for the elderly and disabled and needed juveniles. Reintroduce the neighborhood nurse.

– Make health care hotels and health care villa’s possible;

– Create better night life options for juveniles in Wassenaar with respect for neighbors;

– Deal with nuisances caused by bars;

– Involve the youth in the policies involving youth;

– Improve garbage separation (whilst maintaining the present collection frequency). Wassenaar has an abundance of biomass. Handle this and it lowers CO2 whilst making money at the same time;

– Finally; Wassenaar remains free parking community.

Since 2013 matters started to improve in Wassenaar. Most of all because DLW forged changes when joining the temporary coalition. We are here for you, not the other way around. We are your voice in the municipality council. Your voice counts, also after the elections. DLW states in clear language why DLW exists and what DLW wants to do. We see that a punchy, open, honest, transparent, efficient and proper administration is installed.

I hope that I have inspired you to go out on the 19th to cast your ballot. Your vote and you are valuable. I see that and I will fight for your rights when I get a seat in the local government.